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Our wellness mission in five to six words

our ingredients

Every spice, herb, vegetable, or fruit we use to create our infusions is not simply a carefully selected product of organic farming. It is also a key element for each and every one of our specially assembled combinations. This way, we ensure that their combined properties will provide you with the possible result: a tasty, beneficial drink.


Rough and rocky landscapes might not seem suitable for cultivation. However, nature always finds a way to provide us with an outstanding alternative. Their unique properties make herbs nothing less than small botanical gems, full of powerful health benefits, significant in number as their variety.


Tea is one of the most beneficial herbs, as well as a well-known medicine. While some people may drink a cup of coffee to boost theimselves, others prefer a cup tea. Tea is not only a hydrating and superior workout companion, but it also protects and encourages your physical and mental health. Thanks to tea properties, your body and soul receive a great boost with every single sip.


From the golden Apples of the Hesperides to the present-day colorful orchards, fruits have been a significant part of Greece’s myth, legend, and history. Now, thanks to their properties, they’re also part of a series of wellbeing infusions. Hercules needed to achieve a Labor to enjoy them, but that doesn’t apply to you...


Who says that vegetables are suitable only for your salad? Without a doubt, they are a significant nutrition pillar. However, their richness in vitamins and minerals is something we thought would be an advantage for our infusions. Which, by the way, you can enjoy without a fork...


Precious, in every sense of the words. Besides flavoring or coloring food, spices have been used in traditional medicine for millennia thanks to -amongst other factors- their substantial amount of micronutrients. Their wide variety creates a kaleidoscope of beneficial properties that every wellbeing infusion should include.